musical compositions

I have been classically trained, first taking violin lessons and then moving on to trombone and finally to the double bass.  I began to write my own songs shortly after transitioning to the electric bass, and quickly moved on to creating multi-layered pieces using the low-tech tools I had available at the time.  I created my own percussion tracks using manually looped recordings, and taught myself how to create and use samples.  Over the years I have written some classical pieces, but primarily work in electronic music.  I have been studying jazz piano for several years in order to gain a better grounding in this instrument, and give my work an added depth.

Here are a few pieces I've composed with a picture of my hapharzard undergraduate studio setup.  Some of these pieces were written with Farhad Ebrahimi, with whom I performed under the moniker SMF at several MIT Battle of the Bands competitions as well as at parties. Playing electronic music live was harder than we thought!

Bounded Energy - Loop based and organized largely with Cool Edit. The bass, filtered whine, and snare samples were taken from Haujobb's sample CD, "Matrix". The vocal sample was from a self improvement tape entitled "Boundless Energy". All other sounds were constructed either from my Korg DW-8000 or from my own sampled voice.
Bounded Energy mp3

L7 - The SH-101 and Fatman carry the bass line, while the DW-8000 whines mixed with a piano. The noisy part of the drum loop is a fill from an Erasure song, destroyed.
L7 mp3

Number 8 - The Fatman (bass synth) really shines in this song.  This was probably one of the best live songs and this is unfortunately a poor representation (the live drums were never recorded well).
Number 8 mp3

Origami - Dark jungle song, heavily relies on Farhard's programming, although once when our MIDI setup failed I scambled to play the synth part live.
Origami mp3

303 in E - I tried to hit every techno high, even includes a drum and bass interlude.
303 in E mp3

Surrounded - Inspiration struck and I put this together in an evening.
Surrounded mp3

Hello Kitty

Some of the most fun I've ever had was performing covers of 80's pop songs (and winning the MIT Battle of the Bands two years in a row, 1996 and 1997) with Michael Cyrulnik and Babak Nivi as the band Hello Kitty.  We'd sing in falsettos way out of our range, dress in outrageous costumes, and I'd hold a fan (we called it a "wind machine") right up to Michael as his guitar screamed out glam-rock solos for Bon Jovi and Gun's N' Roses tunes for the madly dancing crowd; nothing was too ridiculous.  We're already contemplating a stadium-rock reunion tour.